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Our new field - please stay off the grass until the ground firms up

Joel Clarkson



Many of our photos were lost when Photobucket decided to monetize their site. What we have been able to save have been put into Google Drive. Here is the link



Joel Clarkson
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Joel Clarkston Memorial Scale Event





If you want to add some of your photos, you can send me the original photos or a link to your photo account. The address is rcaa.comoxvalley at gmail.com.

Large files will make the transfer a slow process. If you want to crop or reduce the size of your photo files, there are many options out there. I'm a Windows user, and a program that works well for me is called XnView. It is free for non-commercial use and has a number of powerful features. Here are some fairly basic videos covering Opening photos in XnView (once installed - see below - runs 36 seconds), Cropping photos in XnView (runs 1 min 3 sec), Adjusting Images in XnView (runs 45 seconds) and Exporting photos from XnView (which allows you to reduce the file size - runs 1 min 21 sec).

 If you are interested in trying out XnView, here is a link to their website where you can download the program and another video, this one for downloading and installing the program (runs 2 min 31 sec).